The brazilian musician and composer Dudu Godoi was born at Santa Catarina State and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, when he was about eight years he began to study music at Ilha do Governador Conservatory of Music at Rio de Janeiro and had his first contacts with theory and musical diversity.


In his teenagers, he spent a period at Vitória da Conquista, where he could follow up the creation process and life philosophy of the brazilian composer Elomar Figueira. Returning home, he began to study flute, guitar and singing at Villa Lobos School of Music, where he took part of orchestras and choral singing groups.


As a flautist, he took part of different bands as Gafieira de Minuta, Forró d’uma Figa, Roda de Bamba, among others groups and accompanied musicians enshrined like: Marcelo Bernardes, Walter Silva, Wilson das Neves, Elza Soares, performing in theatres, bars and festivals around Brazil and experiencing different sorts of music such as: choro, samba, world music, among others.


In 2011, he recorded his first album, in Florianópolis, consolidating a new moment in his career as a composer, arranger and performer of his proper work. In 2013, he joined Leandro Floresta and formed the band YAMÃ.


In recent years, he has been singing and playing his music and partnerships songs in various places such as Sesc Quitandinha (Petrópolis), Maria Clara Machado Theatre, Teatro Sérgio Porto, Casa do Mundo (Rio de Janeiro), Remelexo (São Paulo), Casa de Noca (Florianópolis), Garagem da Graça (Lisbon) and Café Royale (Barcelona).


Last year, during six months, he presented every week his copyright work at Costa Brava Club, a combination of Brazilian and afro latin rhythms, on a project named “Sexta Cultural” which brought together photography, painting, poetry, film and music framed by the stunning view of one of the most beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro.


At the moment, he is finishing two new copywright works: the first album of YAMÃ within his partners Leandro FLoresta, Ramon Murcia, Cassius Theperson and Miguel Bittencourt and his second album. Both are going to be released in the first semestre of 2016.